1.0 Entrants must complete the Entry Form to register.

1.2 Closing Date for submitting the registration form is MAY 24, 2024.

1.3 One Entry form per competitor.

1.4 Entry forms can be submitted on our website + is the only method of entry.

1.5 A maximum of 2 beers may be entered by a competitor.

1.6 Brewers can submit as a team or group of more than 1 person.

1.7 The Tournament is not available to employees of Margaret River Beer Co or Margaret River Brewhouse or brewers working in commercial or craft breweries.


2.1 Entries must have the approved LABEL TEMPLATE adhered to them clearly showing:
- Name of the beer,
- Alcohol content
- The style of the beer as per the Australian Amateur Brewing Competition guidelines using this link
- Refer to your confirmation email for LABEL TEMPLATE

2.2 Each beer entry can be submitted in any form (cans, stubbies, kegs, king browns etc) as long as there is a minimum 1.5 litres in total..

2.3 All entries must be received at the Margaret River Brewhouse between 11am Monday June 10th and 7pm Thursday June 13th, 2024.

2.4 A Perth drop off point will be available during some of this time as per previous years. The final address, dates and times will be advised via email to all entrants prior to submission deadline and made available on our website.

2.5 Awards will be announced at the Margaret River Brewhouse on Friday June 21. All participants will receive priority reservations for the awards night. Reservations can be done via email to

2.6 Awards will comprise:

1st Prize (Best Beer in Tournament): Winning Beer to be brewed with Margaret River Beer Co with help from our head brewer and put on tap at our bar. Plus 1 free pint every time the winning brewer comes to the Brewhouse (maximum of 1 per day) Plus a $250 voucher to spend at our venue. Winners Trophy.

2nd Prize: A $100 gift card for lunch/dinner at the Brewhouse along with merch. 2nd Place Trophy.

3rd Prize: A $50 gift card for lunch/dinner at the Brewhouse along with merch. 3rd Place Trophy.

2.7 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be issued as per the following criteria:

APPEARANCE: Max 3.0 points
Colour, Carbonation/foam characteristics

AROMA: Max 5.0 points
Positive characteristics, Aroma faults

FLAVOUR: Max 6.0 points
General characteristics
Fermentation products
Flavour faults

STYLE: Max 3.0 points
Appropriate for Class

Balance, drinkability, Absence of major faults

Awards will be made as follows:
Gold Award: 17.0 points +
Silver Award: 15.5 to 16.9 points
Bronze Award: 14.0 to 15.4 points

2.8 All winners agree to being involved in promotional activity for Backyard Brewing
Tournament - including but not limited to media interviews, photography, videography etc