Our Backyard Brewing Tournament is all about honouring our roots as home brewers and giving back to the home brewing community. We know firsthand the passion and talent that goes into every batch. That's why we love hosting this event and providing a platform for aspiring brewers to shine.

"Every year we are blown away by the number of entries we receive from home brewers across the state, and this year was no exception. We received over 100 entries and the quality and variety of beer styles was off the charts." said owner Iliya Hastings.

This year’s judging panel comprised of Margaret River Brewhouse’s own Magda Bustos, WA brewing icon Jeremy Good - Cowaramup Brewery, Reuben Herriman – Senior Brewer with Running with Thieves, Marcia Alegria - Brewer with CBCo & beer journalists Jono Outred & Simon Collins.

"The level of skill and creativity we saw this year blew us away. Each beer had its own unique flair, reflecting the personal touch of the brewers behind them. It's amazing to see the home brewing scene thriving and pushing boundaries." said Judging Panel Member, Jono Outred.

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who entered, medalled, our top 3 beers of the tournament & of course to the WINNER of Backyard Brewing Tournament #8 - Rob Stott.


Rob Stott

Single Pringle

Trappist Single ~ 5.9%


Wolf Pack Brewing - The Wilkosz brothers

Bro, you seen my jandals?

NZ Pilsner ~ 5%


Peter Townsend

Velvet Revolver

Experimental ~ 8.9%

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